We at Nimba Technologies Limited strive to reinforce our position as the finest, most responsive solution provider in the security and surveillance of personal, home and businesses in the industry.We work hard to make sure you stay secured even when you are away from your valuables.We continually offer unique cutting edge branded products, plus a selection of the best and latest technology in our industry—all tested and curated by our experts.Our products include vehicle cctvs, cctv security systems, biometric access control, spy cameras, computers and TFTs, alarm systems, video door phones, car tracking, fire fighting equipment,fleet management and accessories associated with the above products.

CCTV Systems

cctv systems

Video surveillance has many uses—both exposed and concealed. It can be integrated with other systems such as access control and viewed from anywhere..

Vehicle CCTV

vehicle cctv

Improve your vehicle security by fitting a tracker and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our market leading stolen vehicle recovery products. Unlike..

Biometric Access Control

biometric-access control

When you swipe a card or key tag, you can accomplish multiple functions such as arming or disarming security and activating a door strike to open a door.A large..

Our Strength

From intrusion alarms to fire alarms, video surveillance to access control, spy cameras to vehicle cctvs,we’ve got you covered. Our team of  certified engineers ensures that each system we sell meets the code requirements and needs for each customer. We strive to exceed expectations and focus on delivering innovative and unique products of the highest quality, at the best price and value.

With our network of strategic vendors, we’re able to bring you the latest products coupled with a highly trained installation and service team while offering world-class customer service, unmatched technical expertise at the best price, quality, functionality and value in the industry.


When it comes to protecting your home, a security system has been shown to be one of the easiest and most effective methods. And with the convergence of technology and the home, we are able to offer solutions that provide more than just traditional security.Our home security options are high-tech, yet easy to use.And because all systems we sell are approved  you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands.

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Our commitment is to offer our customers unique products, of the highest quality, at the best price and value. We are committed to making our customers happy. If we wouldn’t be proud to own it, we won’t sell it. Value is quality at a great price.

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