electric gate nimba technologies
electric gate nimba technologies

Automated gates in Kenya or Electric gates in Kenya are used to control access into a secure area. They provide an effective deterrent to a casual trespasser and, indeed, determined intruders. Automated gates in Kenya are the most reliable way of ensuring that your gates are closed and locked, while providing a wonderful sense of security and peace of mind.


Advantages of automated gates include:

  • They provide security as they are tough to force open thereby deterring burglars
  • The gates are convenient as you can usually control them by activating a controller from up to 20 meters away
  • They bring a unique appeal to your home or business, creating a memorable first impression
  • The automated gates are robust as they are available in a variety of materials hence giving the buyer the ability to purchase a gate suitable for the level of security they require.
  • They can be integrated with alarm systems, security cameras, video door phones and proximity cards to control who you wish to enter your property.



  • Public and commercial parking areas
  • Hospitals, schools and hotels
  • Residential parking areas
  • Industries
  • Shopping centers

Our priority is helping you select the best automated gates in Kenya  to satisfy your specific needs. Get a quotation now and add value and prestige to your to your home or business.

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