If you don’t have a floor plan available, you will need to walk the warehouse so that you know the square footage and where the shelving units are that will obstruct your view. In this way, designing a security camera system for a warehouse is very similar to designing one for a grocery store.

Knowing the aisles that need to be monitored and the size of the space, will help us determine how many cameras are needed and where they need to be mounted. You also need to know how where you will be mounting the DVR because there are physical limitations for how far you can run analog CCTV cameras. In cases where you have to run more than 500 feet of cable, you will almost certainly need to use IP security cameras.

Benefits of Warehouse Security Cameras

  • Reduce theft

    Implementing warehouse security cameras with visible surveillance will deter theft.

  • Building security

    IP security cameras can make your existing security measures more flexible. Installing warehouse security cameras will allow security guards to perform more patrols and actively protect your building instead of watching monitors for hours on end.

  • Remote monitoring

    Network video recorders (NVRs) allow you to broadcast the footage from your surveillance system over the internet. This is particularly helpful if you manage multiple warehouses or a very large facility. An NVR allows you to check up on any warehouse security camera any time.